this, historical, coat, arms, indiana, illustration, from, state, arms, union, henry, mitchell, published, louis, prang, 1876, rising, over, allegheny, mountains, suggests, that, indiana, bright, future, woodsman, represents, civilization, subduing, wilderness. This historical coat of arms of Indiana is an illustration from State Arms of the Union by Henry Mitchell published by Louis Prang in 1876 The sun rising over the Allegheny Mountains suggests that Indiana has a bright future The woodsman represents civilization subduing the wilderness while the American bison represents the wilderness fleeing westward away from the advance of civilization This design is also used on the state seal introduced in 1816 the year in which Indiana became a U S state Illustration credit Henry Mitchell restored by Andrew Shiva Recently featured Northern royal albatross Henry Taube Walchensee Hydroelectric Power Station Archive More featured pictures, wikipedia, wiki, book, books, library,


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